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Zabby Eight Update 11/22/10

Zabby brought her magnificent trained cat over. Ladeen is white ,fluffy and can do the high dive into a pool. She wears pink goggles too.

Seems Arthur has a fever until Thanksgiving. Katherine says, that his good friend Dadala, is taking over for him at astronaut training. This is wonderful that Arthur will be home for Thanksgiving and he ,some how, won’t lose ground in his training.

I am glad to have all three of Katherine’s imaginary friends home for Thanksgiving.  Since Zabby and Alodda’s parents are deceased, they now live with Katherine everyday. They are such lucky girls to have Katherine to take them in. In trying times, friends can make ALL the difference. I haven’t asked the details of the accident. We aren’t dwelling on it.

There is much to do for housework and preparing a feast. Kat says that the girls will stay over the night before Thanksgiving to help me out. She will be home treating Arthur so he’ll be well enough to come to dinner.

Today, we will be making candy treats that we’ll share the instructions for.

Alodda has a very special pumpkin pie recipe that Kat says she’ll share also.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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