Share not your ember…

I share myself…

A drawing, verse and hug

embracing life.

I share myself…

A reminder to be safe

embracing knowledge.

I share myself…

One reason to be happy

embracing hope.

I share myself…

Saving kittens as I’m able

embracing Nature.

I share myself…

Watching stars in the heavens

embracing dreams.

Embracing self…

I save one bright ember

just for me.

5 thoughts on “Share not your ember…

  1. I really liked your poem this morning. Selfless, and doing things that you can share, yet saving one thing for yourself, which is also important, to warm your heart and soul.

  2. Jingle

    elegant piece,
    perfect wording and heart warming imagery…
    keep posting, dear poetess..
    I love your work.

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