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Lazy Loves

I’m not lazy.

I’m a cat.

Don’t care one bit

What you think of that.

Be kind to me

Your lap is mine

My love can be

the special kind.

I won’t scratch

If you don’t tease

Don’t offer milk

If you please.

If you have never

owned just one

Who waits for you

’til day is done

And sun themselves

and washes too

Purrs affection

and chooses YOU.

You are missing

a friendship dear

the likes of which

become so clear

A house is warmed

So many ways

To have a cat

Makes cozy days.

I know something

you could do

Double up the joy

with two.









I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

24 thoughts on “Lazy Loves

  1. I agree with this one Susan.. what a cheerful poem.. A cat narrating her mind- purrrrrfect!!
    So sweet this one ins- I am still grinning like a fool.. 😀

    You really don’t have to wait for kids; you have me.. hahaha- I loved it as much as they would..


    Sinfully Me

  2. I enjoyed your poem. I have a cat, Miss Molly, and your poem could be about her. I like poems I can understand. Lovely.

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