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Zabby Eight Update 10/16/10

Seems Alodda has an interesting past.

While Katherine was reminiscing about their trip to the beach in Maine, she recalled a story that Alodda had told her.

“The sand is on beaches so our feet will be warm.” Kat said.

She went on:

“Alodda loves the sand. She remembers being little and she was with her parents all the time. Her mommy and daddy traveled in the desert. They studied the pyramids. Alodda lived in a pyramid once! Her parents decided that Alodda needed to go to a nice daycare and brought her all the way back to Grandma’s house. Now she comes here every day.”

Grandma is very honored to have Alodda here every day. She is well behaved. Zabby has been up to trouble though.

“Katherine, did you write on my cupboard with a green marker?” asked Grandma.

“No, that was Zabby Eight. She took it off of the table.”

“That Zabby Eight better stop being naughty. Do you know the rule, Katherine?”

“What rule? ”

“If imaginary friends are naughty their real friends get a “time out”. Grandma can’t see Zabby so you better tell her she’s going to get you into lots of trouble.”

“Really? I will talk to her.”

We are happy to report that Zabby has calmed down since then. 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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