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Ode to a Newby Blogger

Overwhelmed, excited prickles

Getting into “pickles”

Can’t find the proper apps

Oh no , my lock’s on caps

First love is to create

but set-up just can’t wait

I want the perfect style

It’s gonna take a while

Push publish on the run

Still I feel undone

A comment just came in

It ended with a grin

I rack my brain for prose

Sincere as all of those.

Please don’t think me dumb

This process has me numb

I hit the button send

Before I reach the end

I’m finally in the pink

You send a foreign link

Frustration makes me click

Hey, that made blogging quick

People are so nice

They add the perfect spice

This is one messy gruel

But,blogging’s really cool

I know I’ve made a friend

MY newby time will end

They never called me lame

Treat newby’s all the same

I’ll  help all that I can

Newby? Take my hand 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

59 thoughts on “Ode to a Newby Blogger

  1. So thoughtful. I still get nervous when I go to post a new poem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well that was cute. I’m sure we all have been through this. Everyone starts somewhere. I remember expecting meaner comments when I started. XD

  3. We all have been a newbie- isn’t it? I still am for one.. there’s a freshness in being one..:)

    Take my Hand- it couldn’t be any better Sweetheart. I can’t Thank enough for coming across and reading your words.. Thank you for sharing this one- excellent way with words..

    Susan, Hugs always..

  4. Oh, I am sure the newbies (and the oldies with some memory) will appreciate and enjoy this, Susan. I used to “decorate” and “redecorate” until I finally found a look I liked. I hid behind posting recipes for a long time, because I couldn’t get entirely comfortable posting poems…

    You’re doing really well, Susan. And the poem is perfect … almost a tribute to the newbie.

    My Rally #30-

    Poem on …
    Blog on …
    Have fun (most important thing)

  5. Fabulous! My Christmas present to my mother (a fiber artist but not computer savvy) is going to be a blog for her work, and I’m definitely going to share your poem with her.

  6. I love the lines “Please don’t think me dumb, the process has me numb” this is great I love the rhythm! thanks for sharing!

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