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Telling off Amphibians…not worth it.

I spotted a frog in a tree.

At the same time, she spotted me.

“This is awkward to find you up there.”

The frog rolled her eyes,”I don’t care.”

“I got here while chasing a bug.”

“So did I.” she said. ( sounding smug)

“To me, bugs are so cool!”

Frog then hissed,” You’re a real fool!”

“Sorry” I said.”Didn’t mean to be rude.”

She went on, “Bugs are just food!”

From the looks of it she had a date

She had set up a glass and a plate.

“Can’t imagine you sharing a meal.

You haven’t one single pinch of appeal.”

THEN she flipped two mean birds my way.

I almost left… but decided to stay.

She had one BIG bug up inside her glass.

The best that I could do was let it pass.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “Telling off Amphibians…not worth it.

  1. Obviously adults would enjoy this as they read it to their little ones; you remind me of Shel Silverstein -a favorite of my grandchildren. I’ve seen and enjoyed your drawings and would like to see you illustrate your poems.

  2. Super cute- so far I thought I was the only soft in the head to be writing about Frogs and Pigeons- although not so beautifully.. Super-cute!!
    I am giggling still. For once- your Blog Name sits apt.. LOLssssss
    Very well done Susan.. I loved it with all my joys..

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