Dear Blogging friends,

I am so satisfied to announce that I have FINALLY found a theme that I feel wonderful with!

Since my granddaughter was much of my inspiration for blogging I have placed her in my HEADER.

My restless attempts to settle upon a theme may have been confusing.

This one is a keeper!

Thank-you for your comments and patience 🙂



9 thoughts on “Dear Blogging friends,

  1. Suan, she’s darling and the photo makes for the perfect header. I was restless for quite some time, changing my theme. Other women clean house when they get upset. I “clean” blog … Anyway, finally I settled on one too. I think maybe it’s a natural thing … Then you see Tracy of Tracy Says rotates different rural scenes into his header and its quite wonderful. One never knows what delight will awaits there …

    Anyway, enjoy granddaughter. So nice …

  2. I just got a peek at the new header for your Blog. She has your eyes, and they are just a beautiful piercing blue. What a lovely photo.

  3. The most soulful eyes ever!! You are lucky to have a granddaughter…I am ready but don’t think it’s ever going to happen..may daughter does not want children 😦 Love the layout of this!! Hugs to you dear one xx

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