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For My Little Sister, Donna.

The little one said,

“You are so colorful and cast the larger shadow.”

The big one replied,

We are made of the same elements and you chose a different path.”

“You are always busy, filled with life.”

“You are content in keeping your feelings facing away.”

It pleases me to be the observer, I like to watch.”

You are my balance, my friend and companion.”

I know you’ll always be near.”

I could not exist but for your support.”

Then the Earth smiled at the Moon.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

27 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Pure delight. You enjoy the children so … and I know they must enjoy you, able as you are to enter their world and support it. Just wonderful. On a “catch-up” visit here …

  2. wow pure flow of beautiful emotions and love…
    we are two brothers and i always wished i had a sister cause he( my elder bro) would beat the shit out of me at times…but in times of trouble he would be my shield and my back bone till date 😀 reading this just brought back childhood memories …thank u for writing this.

    and ur granddaughter is so cute…

  3. Thank-you my friend…believe it or not, my sister and I have never had one unkind word for each other.(I am older by 5 years and we have a brother in between.)
    The more that I hear about sibling relationships, the more I treasure her!

  4. simply amazing, two in love and in a perfect balance..
    blissful read,
    vivid dialogue…

    thanks for sharing your wisdom and lovely poetry with us.

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