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If My Life Were a Movie

Only a few real friends and imagination.

This movie is my childhood in a nut shell.

(without the tragedy)

I always loved the outdoors and played endless pretend games…more often alone, on my grandparents’ farm and in the forest behind my childhood home. We built tree houses.

My favorite pretending place was the old west and my favorite character to “become” was Annie Oakley.

I did have a pony and spent hours racing and shooting a pop gun at imaginary enemies, my heart pounding with excitement going somewhere where most could not follow.

I still can detach from the moment and live in my mind.

Books are the perfect stairway but solitude in the forest has much the same affect.

No…I never wished to “fit in” but finding a friend,kindred spirit,

validates me and is so rewarding.

Even the “crushes” I would have on people who I felt inspired by, who understood just a bit more, was brought to mind by the relationship with the teacher AND art in that film.

The whole philosophy of this tale of love,loss and imagination is MY story too.

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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