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My Favorite Cliché

No “backsies” !

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

The idea of gift giving came up among my kids this morning. It does not fit my cliché, exactly, but gift giving/receiving has its bugaboos.

Yesterday, my granddaughter had shared each of her four stickers that she received for bravery during those nasty school booster shots. One of the recipients of this act of generosity had accidentally sent his sticker through the wash. I offered him my sticker.

“No,that’s YOURS.” Katherine said.

“Yes, I love it that you shared it with me. It made me so happy.” I replied.

“You can’t give it to him!”

“When you gave it to me it became mine, Katherine. Now I’d love to use it to make someone else feel happy. Once you give someone special a gift, it is so important to trust that what they use it for gives them pleasure. It does not mean that it was not loved by them.”

“OK, then.” She smiled and walked away.

My daughter and I recently had an interesting discussion. I am an absolute “no strings” person. She feels the gift is a “piece of her” not to be used for anything but what she intended.

Both feelings are absolutely valid, but this divide can cause such hurt feelings among those who do not share the same philosophy.

Once I realise that the bearer of a gift has “heart-strings” attached, I try to be mindful of it.

It is difficult when you are a “no strings” kind. I am disappointed when I realise the recipient, of one my gifts, does not take an opportunity to pass it on for fear of MY feelings. It would please me, for sure, to have the same gift providing further “giving/receiving” pleasures, and so on…

It is important to realise that both philosophies exist…which are you?

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Cliché

  1. Sorry Dear Friend, I’m on you daughter and granddaughter’s side here. They wanted you to have it, because they love you. It was considered a special gift, so that whenever you look at that gift, no matter how small, it will remind you how much you are loved by the giver.

    Hugs, from your far away friend,

    1. I am a keeper of many gifts. Small stones handed to me by children, flea market jewelry ,many hand-made drawings, etc.
      I think those are priceless.
      But consider some gifts like cranberry muffins that you made just for me…I don’t believe you would be unhappy if I shared them:-)
      Thank-you my friend…I love discussing life !

  2. very true. both are valid and both must be considered. Giving gifts does give pleasure to the giver and receiver.

    nice write 🙂 enjoyed it a lot 😀 thanks for sharing =)

  3. Mercy, it is certainly very personal when someone give us something. And, it’s relative how they as well as we look at things.

    Someone once actually sold me something personal, and never added strings. When I had some serious financial reverses, I had to sell it.
    Years later, she wanted to buy it back, and of course I no longer had it. I told her the truth, and though she was disappointed, she said nothing more on the subject. But, for some reason, she thought she had told me she wanted to buy it back at some point, which she never did.

    I make a point of never buying anything from her, as I really don’t want to hurt her ever again.

  4. My feeling is that once you give a gift, it’s out of your hands. The pleasure you got from giving it has been reaped, and you go on. No strings attached.

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