My Dream Novel's Plot

Prepared to be scared…

edvard munch – the scream 1893

Nadia awoke with a start!

She had to have been dreaming. Yet,the voice in her ear was so very familiar that it still resonated.

The image of her younger self came back, like an old fashioned movie, it had no sound and flickered.

Nadia pinched herself…she was dreaming. “Ouch!”

The show stopped as abruptly as it had started.

The haunting image of herself at age ten stayed with her. Although she was sure it was her younger self, the setting was completely foreign. If she had to guess, she was traveling on a train. The scene ran at a separate speed behind her.

Nadia had never, ever, ridden a train.

Then the voice came back to her.

She wracked her brain but couldn’t remember what it had said.

“Nadia, you up?” Aunt Gayle always insisted that the “early bird gets the worm.”

“Yes, I’ll be right down.”

Nadia was visiting Aunt Gayle’s dairy farm in New York State.

Her parents were on a leave from their studies on behalf of the government. They were secretive about their jobs. Even at age 25, Nadia had no idea what they really did.

She shook off the eerie dream and went down to breakfast.

After she left the bedroom, an image flickered on the wall.

It was the young Nadia screaming in terror… but no one saw.

Time travel, government experiment, mental illness what will come will blow you away!

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5 thoughts on “My Dream Novel's Plot

  1. A very gripping start to your novel – I certainly want to read more. My first novel is out in the world awaiting publisher approval so I have begun my second one! Would love to keep in touch – along our writing paths.

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