One Thing I Learned Recently

We are truly alone but not necessarily lonely.

After years spent feeling that I was responsible for anyone else but myself, I realized that’s a bunch of bologna!

Parents can beat themselves into an early grave if they allow the actions of their adult kids to reflect upon them.

Really,I have much to be proud of but the notion that we can control the actions of anyone else is absurd.

We arrive alone…make friends,influence changes…then die, alone.

This is not meant to be a dark thought but one that is freeing.

Whenever, a situation arises I now think, “Do the best that you can.” but then that’s all anyone can do.

We need not take credit for anyone elses successes and surely don’t deserve their shame IF we have done, what we consider, our best.

No excuses please…you know when you haven’t lived up to “your best”.

By reminding myself, that I only have control over my own actions,it gives me great power. It’s hard to do “right” when we have others to take responsibility for.

Being alone and being lonely are not the same.

Take care of how YOU react and all the rest are just details.

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