Say what?

My mom and dad had a language barrier that they could not seem to overcome.

Mother is a teacher and a lover of words.

Father is the first generation of an Italian immigrant mother.

Words just held different meanings and sometimes different pronunciations and enunciation.

Their most common “ships passing in the night” moment was with the words probably and possibly.

To my mom, they had quite different meanings. To my dad, they were interchangeable and meant the same thing.

Sparks flew often when Mom had been told that we were probably going to visit Grandma and Grandpa on the weekend only to find out that the plans weren’t confirmed at all. The funny thing about this is I believe my mother never really learned to decipher my father’s language. I admit it was not precise BUT how could you keep falling for it mother? LOL.

The point of this post is to make fun of the way people understand our language differently.

I still think alot should be a real word by now.

How many folks have you heard say suposably lately? These people are not idiots, they just find language a tool not an art. For most writer’s it’s an art form. Please be patient with those who use it as a tool or you may miss some very interesting information.

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