Things I STILL like to do.

Kids do not necessarily have the “fun market” cornered, you know.

There are really fun things that I did, as a kid, and still do.

Here are a few:

1. Playing with my shadow. Do you ever make your shadow walk along the shadow of a building? It looks as if you are walking on the roof.

2.Catching frogs. I am still the bestest fastest frog catcher that I know. Because of this very skill, I was able to catch a wayward goldfinch, at the mall, with my hands. Quick but gentle is the way.

3.Try walking around your house with a mirror under your nose. A very cool feeling…the stairways will really freak you out 🙂 !

4.Look for 4-leafed clovers often. I find oodles of them!

5.Come on…how long has it been since you have jumped in puddles?

6.I build a snowman and go sliding every winter. Hot cocoa never tasted better than after a romp in the snow.

7.It’s been awhile but jumping into a pond with all of your clothes on(remove wallets and cellphones) is a one-of-a-kind experience.

8.Watching thunderstorms is a fascinating and fun thing that never gets old. Some people are frightened…I get excited.

9.Picking berries is a hot and strenuous  job that is just plain fun. You get something incredibly sweet and just from a bit of your own labor. This makes you appreciate the local fruit vendors who do it for a living!

10.Keeping your ears,eyes,taste buds,fingers, and noses at “full alert” makes you alive at every moment. Try not to over look all of these sensations every day. I sure don’t!

I’m sure there are many more little fun games to play. Please share some of yours.

Catching salamanders too.

2 thoughts on “Things I STILL like to do.

  1. We have a lot in common!
    I occasionally do #1.
    I don’t like frogs.
    I’m going to try #3.
    I do 4, 5,and 6.
    I don’t like the ick-factor of ponds. But in a lake, I’d try it!
    I love #8 and #9.
    I will be more aware of #10.

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