Creative Kids Project #7

One photo that we have used.

My kids just love to write stories. I’d like to believe that it is,in part, due to my summer projects.

As I browse through magazines, I cut out unusual photos to be used for writing assignments. Luckily, I own a laminating machine and keep them for a long while.

I’ll hand out these photos to my school aged friends and ask them to write a story using the photo as their cover. What interesting stories they create.This is lots of fun for adult writers too. Try the same photo with different kids then compare the results!

Oh yes…for the little kid version. Hold up the funny photo and jot down what they think.

2 thoughts on “Creative Kids Project #7

  1. This is a terrific idea – for kids and adults alike. I’ll have to start doing this, especially when I’m stumped. 🙂 I’ll bring along some to staff meetings or other boredom inducing work-related events… 🙂

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