The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

I don’t do numbers.

“Ugh…I hate math…numbers are so boring…so are Math teachers.”

My sophomore year in High School solidified this feeling for me.

He sat on the front of his desk and assigned Algebra equations to solve.

That’s it.

He never smiled. No humorous numeric riddles. He spoke in a whisper, usually as he was turned away from us and adding a new equation to the blackboard. I might have strained to hear if I thought it would help.

I was a natural at many things but numbers just were too concrete to interest me. Math was my most dreaded subject and Mr. Kelly was the example of everything a teacher should NOT aspire to.

To convince you of his ineptness, here is a SHORT discussion we had.

Teacher: ” Do problems number 4 and 5.”

Me: “Mr. Kelly, I don’t think we’ve covered that process yet… Could you refresh us?”

Teacher:”If you don’t know how to do that, by now, I’m certainly not going to tell you.”

What the heck?

(Sorry to all interesting Math teachers. That guy gave you a really bad name.)

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3 thoughts on “The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

  1. Math was hard for me also however, all my math teachers were good teachers and fair. My last math class was in 11th grade. I taught myself math up to the 9th grade.

    1. I have such a different view of numbers in my head, I just was never made to be mathematical.
      It was a bummer because I really loved science but could never do the math that went along with it.

  2. I don’t do numbers either! Whenever I see an equation or even the WORD math, my brain starts shutting down, or daydreaming… it’s awful, especially at work.

    I actually had a wonderful math teacher and I felt horrible for him, because he tried to get us non-numbers folks excited about math, but we just watched the clock instead.

    It would have been much worse to have an awful teacher like yours. I feel for you! 😦

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