Overheard at My Own Funeral Service

She wants us to have a party!

Comments overheard:

“It’s going to be awfully quiet around here from now on.”

“What the heck will I do for child care?”

“The Depends stock will plummet!”

“You mean I’LL have to help my kids with school projects!”

“Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to drink a Twisted Tea again.”

“No more laughs at family gatherings.”

“I heard that she donated her body to science!”

“Where did all these people come from?”

“Why is American Pie playing?”

“Massachusetts could not afford to lose a republican.”

“In lieu of flowers, she wants us to give a donation to her granddaughter’s college fund.”

“Who’ll find my socks?”

“I smell pine needles.”

“Might as well become a vegetarian, the beef industry lost its biggest customer.”

” When I see a red-winged blackbird, I’ll know she’s here.”

“Dibs on her Star Trek collection!”

“Watch out Jordan, you will be haunted!”

“Are there trees in heaven?” “There are now.”

“Now who will be my “phone a friend” when I’m on a quiz show?”

“Who would have considered blogging could be fatal?”

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7 thoughts on “Overheard at My Own Funeral Service

  1. Donna

    Me: “I feel like I just lost my mother, again.”

    Sam: “If they don’t play American Pie, I’m going to kill someone. Aunt Susan once told me she wanted that played, and I’m gonna make sure it happens.”

    Joanie: “Aunt Susan was one of only a few Republicans that I could enjoy being around.”

    Mike: “She was the funniest person alive, and Ioved her dearly.”

    Daddy: “this was the daughter that could do anything. she’s my pride and joy.”

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