My mother,her mother…

Good mothers beget good mothers.

I’m so tickled that my granddaughter has imaginary friends! I envy her. The closest thing I had to that was talking to,and being understood by animals. I wish that I could identify the moment of connection and describe what I see.

I enjoy hearing my mom talk about her “kids”. Lily and Dickens are a couple of  Papillions who have it made. They have such personality and a devoted “mother” too. I know she’s a great mom because she is also mine. The comfort of knowing that she would protect me and care for me gave me all the courage that I needed to succeed in life.

Good mothers come from good mothers. It’s that simple.

I used to watch the feral cats on the farm. Animal behavior is another passion of mine. It can teach us so much about ourselves. The offspring of cats who were inattentive were also inattentive to their kittens. (I was unfortunately able to study many generations because of the high mortality rate of feral cats.) Then, we introduced a mother cat who was brought up by a loving mother. This mother had been someone’s pet. The kitten’s name became “Missy” and she was a Mama for sure. Missy did her best to raise her kittens. Our family even adopted one of her daughters who then was able to escape the trials of farm existence. Patches was the family cat while I was growing up. I always wished that Missy could know that a daughter of hers had made it to the good life.

When I meet great “Mommies” through my day care experience, I automatically give their mothers credit. (some of this credit also belongs to grandmas.) I hope they know that their “kittens” made it too. So much of what it takes to be a good mother is learned from good mothering.

My mother just posted this on facebook. It certainly is an appropriate video for this post! Please join this young woman’s cause on facebook!

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