Alive at Five

Roughly I touch.

Ripples I talk.

Relaxing I listen.

Racing I walk.

Slaying monsters.

Brightly I sing.

Suddenly stop.

Sparkling ring.

Often I’m bold.

Hidden is fear.

Orange you glad.

No I can’t hear.

Peanut butter pout.

Temptingly touch.

Tickling laughter.

Question so much.

Loudly silent.

Soapy is fine.

Slicker yellow.

Senses mine.


Thursday Poets Rally entry wk27

48 thoughts on “Alive at Five

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  2. My goodness,
    every time I read your poetry, I feel like smiling and dancing…
    your talent is very unique.
    love your style and wit!

  3. Enjoy your talent,
    To have the best possible result of participation,
    u may want to start with participants, visit new ones for requirement, visit old ones for your own benefit of poetry sharing and enjoyment…

    Happy Thursday!
    love your cooperation and participation!

  4. Happy Rally, Susan! I’m on the run (going birding today), but have to come back and dig in to see what I’ve missed over the past week …

    This is fabulous and fun … seems quintessentially you … colorful, cheerful, sensitive to children and other living things. Love the pacing and the illustration. Perfect …

    Back later …

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