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Gender Mender

My granddaughter was watching Dora the Explorer the other day. She’s 4 yrs. old.

There was a wooded forest that Dora needed to pass through. When Dora looked down the path,I heard Katherine say,”Those are the girls on the left side.” I asked her how she knew that they were girls and she pointed out that the trees on the left side had eyelashes.

How do kids collect their gender clues?

I am very careful not to say ,”Wonder where he’s going?”, every time I see an airplane overhead. Sometimes I say,”Wonder where she might be going?”. The gender ID thing was a biggy in my day. Women’s Liberation was an eye opener.

There are clues in nature BUT they are not constant. Some does have antlers,on occasion. That is why the hunting license says an “antlerless” permit not a “doe” permit.

After one becomes familiar with deer, she can tell the sex by observing the bone structure. Does do have finer heads and bodies. They appear feminine if you study them.

How do kids get their gender clues? I find it very interesting.

I’m tempted to say that TV has much to do with it. Cartoons often add eyelashes and lipstick to characters that are female. I was shocked to watch an episode of the Jetsons on The Cartoon Network the other day. Jane Jetson set out to earn her driver’s license. She was the biggest dope! The instructor was a nervous wreck and Jane kept looking in the mirror instead of where she was going!

Holy cow! We were portrayed as incompetent idiots “back in the day”! This reminded me of the jungle movies that I used to watch. The women were always in full make-up and heels in the jungle. The heroine would run only a few yards and twist her ankle then faint into the arms of her hero. No wonder the divorce rate is so high among the baby boomers! Women are not idiots and men are not superheroes!

Leave it to Beaver was a “hoot”. Ward went off to work in suit and tie as June danced around the house in pearls with a feather duster. Gosh!

Certainly, the 50s and 60s were a naive time. Who was writing all that crap? We know.

Thank goodness we have come to a time when life in it’s “genuine” form is acceptable. Although, I fear with the shows like Maury and Jerry Springer that the pendulum of wisdom has swung too far the other way! Keep an eye on those kids please 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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