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Morning Time

It’s morning time!

Another day.

The light is here

to shine the way.

First I stretch,

Get out of bed.

There are so many

Ideas in my head!

Brush my teeth

And wash my face.

I’m ready for

the fastest pace!

Tomorrow isn’t ever here.

Today is all brand new.

My whole body,


all I’d like to do.

When I closed my eyes,

All cozy in my bed,

I thought about the morning time,

It wiggled in my head.

Today would be the day

I learn to tie my shoe

Or whistle, or jump rope.

There’s just so much to do.

Eat a strawberry

Draw with chalk.

I might even

take a walk.

Watch my shows,

Try to skip.

Have some soda,

Just a sip.

Cook my lunch.

Stand on a chair.

Wash my socks

and underwear.

Play with paints.

Sing with a friend.

I hope today

would never end.

Lunch will be great.

The clouds up high.

The sun keeps moving

Across the sky.

The shadows grow

Supper’s ready

It’s my favorite

Sauce and skabetti.

Take a bath.

Put out the light.

My eyes are heavy,

Here come’s the night.

I lay  awake,

a moment or two,

and think of all

I had to do.

Dreams of fun.

Ideas galore.

When morning time comes,

I’ll be ready once more.

Ideas in my head.

New energy too.

In the morning time

There’s so much to do!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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