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Not sharing your opinion is not always a safe option. You’d think that “keeping your mouth shut” is the equivalent of the ostrich with his head in the sand, but it isn’t always true.

No comment.

By remaining silent during gossip sessions or debates, it is common for the opinion holders to believe that you agree with them. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter BUT there are moments where you need to speak up about not speaking up.

My sister works for a supermarket chain, some of her associates were complaining about a manager and sister kept still. The next time the subject came up, they said,”Ask Donna,she agrees with us.”  Her absence of comments still got her involved and not even on the side that she would have chosen, if she had spoken up.

I think there are more opinions than people,nowadays, and not taking a position is no longer the “answer”. Taking a position,inevitably alienates someone. Taking no position can alienate everyone. This might be a good thing if this just kept you uninvolved, it doesn’t!

It is an age where lines are drawn on every issue! I cannot believe how quickly we can be characterized. Don’t say that you have no opinion, those who do will begin battling for your soul. I suggest pretending that you are deaf  or ask them where the zombies from outer space stand on that issue? 🙂 Even cannibals avoid crazy people! I’ve heard that they dislike their food to taste strange.

If you are a conservative you are on the RED team. A liberal is BLUE.

“Excuse me,I’m republican BUT I agree with a woman’s “right to choose” under certain circumstances AND my favorite color is blue.”

“That doesn’t matter in this argument lady and don’t bring it up at the RED meeting .”

It is getting scary. I have never met a “purebred” conservative or liberal. They don’t exist except on political commentary shows.

For a society that is, so openly anti-profiling, we cannot open our mouths without being given a team badge. One issue can make you good or evil, depending upon who’s watching. As I mentioned above, not taking sides is no excuse.



The zombies asked me to say,”No comment.”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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