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Laugh at Yourself

The single most important thing to be able to do is laugh at yourself. I try to offer this choice to kids. It’s another way of practicing for life and being happily prepared for it.

We all have experienced that wavering extended moment when embarrassment can be turned into a funny. Sometimes no one else needs to be included in the funny. You know, when you are in a rush at the market and dash out of the store to the awful realization that you have no idea where your car is! The best part is the casual way you begin to search while glancing over your shoulder watching for the Alzheimer police, or worse, someone that you know!

Kids get embarrassed more easily than you think. Showing them a practiced and fun way to handle it is a priceless gift. Actually, I try to offer kids alternate scenarios all the time for the many long moments that life offers.

My granddaughter was wavering about her 3rd birthday party. One day she was excited, the next she claimed not to want one. While she was rocking with me one day, she said,

” I don’t want a party.”


“Because everyone will be smiling at me.”

“That’s because they love you and they are happy.” I said.

” It makes me feel funny.”

“OK, how about when everyone says Happy Birthday you smile too and thank them for coming to your happy party?”

She liked the idea and, when the time came, implemented it like a pro!

Getting kids to share their feelings is the first obstacle. Helping them handle them is so important. I know I learn something every day from kids. They are little inexperienced people but they really know what is going on.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

3 thoughts on “Laugh at Yourself

  1. That was really good advice.
    Party hat: $1.50
    Birthday cake: $30
    Party Food: $125.00
    Sitting on Grandma’s lap, learning from her knowledge, and
    knowing she loves you: PRICELESS

  2. Hi Susan,
    Sometimes I wish I had paused to do that more often. Good advice. I liked your example.

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