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In the works…I like to play with words.

Cinnamon Toast

I hate to boast. Love it the most. Wakes up a ghost. Better than roast. A tasty host. Let’s head for the coast!

Wilted Flowers

Last only hours. Need some showers. Have super powers. They’re mine not ours!

After later

After later, I’d like to see

a sunflower holding a bumblebee.

After later, what I could do

is tell my Mom I love her too.

After later, I’ll play pretend

want to meet my invisible friend?

After later, always takes a bit

hope my brain does not forget.

After later, I can fly and

and jump aboard a flutterby.

After later, hurry, let’s go!

I want to be big  ,you know.

After later,is a place

not a time, not a space.

After later, my taller self

will reach most any upper shelf.

After later, the news I’ll like

but now I prefer to ride my bike.

After later, I cannot know

how my days will go.

After later, I believe I CAN wait

there’s more homework when you’re eight.

I’m playing with ideas today. These are the fruits of an hour’s play. Hope people think that they’re ok.  What more do you want me to say? HA!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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