I believe I can fly…

Kids need time alone!

OK , how many of you thought that you could fly when you were kids? I used to walk around my house with a mirror held up under my nose to feel like walking on the ceiling. My granddaughter has imaginary friends and I am very envious.

I have always talked to animals though! Yes, I believe I DO know where they are coming from! At my grandparents’ farm as a child, I learned to mimic the sound of a mother cat calling her kittens. Many times I was able to find and rescue feral litters. Even now, I can whistle to a hawk and seem to be answered,at least they linger. I am able to collect night crawlers efficiently from watching robins tug on them. My dog counts on my knowledge of his body language and I have petted dogs who were considered vicious.  I can leap tall buildings in a single bound…

I am so happy that I spent those years, on the farm. One thing I can say with the utmost confidence , I can be alone and never have I felt lonely!

Once in awhile, leaving kids alone is the best thing you can offer!

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