Keeping Kids Creative

My pet project is one that may offer parents and caregivers a more relaxing summer. I will be posting a series of projects aimed at that difficult preteen age group. The “I’m Bored Gang” can really get on your nerves!

As you’ll see,these ideas can be modified for all age groups and I will offer you those modifications as well. I sure had fun field testing them!

In today’s world,”thinking outside the box” is an asset. These projects were specifically designed to keep kids creative.

I am too often disappointed by the art projects coming home from school. Kids are born creative. Their curiosity during those early years sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. Those school projects are the equivalent of  “creative plagiarism” .  Artwork should be generated by the child’s use of materials NOT from the teacher.

As I collect and offer you these projects,please let me know how they work for you. All unique modifications will be a delight to see! The projects will begin during the week of May 3rd,2010. I hope you enjoy them!

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