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My answer to the Mom shamers!

I believe having an “at home” mom is wonderful!
Not every mom is automatically proficient in early childhood development. Many can become frustrated with the isolation and demands of preschoolers.
I have provided Family Day Care for 33 years and believe that this home based  environment IS healthy for kids and offers them an extended family experience that they may not otherwise experience.
Families used to consist of relatives who lived very close and could offer support for mother and child.The rapport that’s developed with quality family day care is the same as having a “special aunt”.
I’d hate to give new mothers more guilt than necessary when they HAVE to work.
A quality family day care home can be the best of both worlds!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

One thought on “My answer to the Mom shamers!

  1. There’s Cody cat! Oh, and this essay rocks. It’s about time that someone took the time to tell it like it is!

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