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WELCOME to Susan’s Family Day Care

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My name is Susan. I’ve been a licensed Family Day Care provider since 1975.

Family day care is a very special place. I care for  kids in my home while their parents go to work. Many of the kids start out as infants and spend their school years with me as well.

In the Family Day care environment, kids have the “at home” feeling. Their routines are relaxed yet educational. We do creative activities usually around the interests of the day. Preschool skills are incorporated into our play. We sing,draw,read and play outdoors!

Family becomes the key word! Most of the kids stay in touch with each other through the years and come back for special events ,such as,pajama day , Fall Foliage Children’s Parade, or making cookie houses at Christmas.

What fun it has been to be a part of so many families!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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