Kids will be kids,will be kids…

You know you are old when you have that flashback. YOU KNOW, The one where you cannot imagine a better time or place to grow up than your own experience. You even have the audacity to pity the current generation.
Think about it,is that the message you want to convey? ” Forget it kids! We had the best. All else is down hill!”
I know kids. They are still the most precious of us. They give life a fresh view,have fun,and leave worrying to the adults. That is,if we allow them to.
Childhood is not a place, or even a time,it is an experience. The single most threatening, ugly thing is loss of innocence. We adults start that deteriorating the moment that we entertain the idea that today’s youth are threatened.
I see kids everyday and let me tell you,they are kind,creative and hopeful just as we were.
Our duty ,as adults, is so simple.  Support,engage with, and enjoy our kids!
Guard their innocence at all cost.  Set the example of enthusiasm and wonder for tomorrow.
Remember our own youth and rejoice in theirs!

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