If I were you…

Here’s my poem:
If I Were You

If I were you
and you were me,
We’d have a different life
you see.

You’d live with Mom,
Dad and my bro.
I’d live with your
Gram and Aunt Flo.

You’d have a cat.
I’d have two birds.
My hands would talk.
Your lips would have words.

You could shout and Laugh
and sing.
I would hear not anything.

It would be great
being in YOUR place!
Then I could win the fastest race!

I love quiet and could
finally rest.
You would have a brother pest!

My Dad would take you
on his walks,
While Gram and I’d
have finger talks.

I’d enjoy being tall,
have curly hair.
You’d have blue eyes
and skin so fair.

It sure is fun
to think of it.
Our friendship would not
change a bit!

Because inside
we’d never change,
no matter how
we’d rearrange.

It might be fun
for a day or two.
If you were me,
and I were you.

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